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Webcams can also encourage remote work, enabling people to work remotely via the Internet. This usage was crucial to the survival of many businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, when in-person office work was discouraged. The Creative Sound Studio, located on the first floor, has audio recorders, digital recorders, microphones, lavaliers, 360 audio microphones, midi keyboards,...

Between the battery in the case and those in each earbud, you can go hours without needing to charge. Apple has a few different ways to monitor the battery life of each AirPod Pro as well as the case. Apple’s AirPods Pro have a bunch of built-in functionality. Jacob earned his first byline writing for...

Select “Set as Default Device,” then do the same and select “Set as Default Communication Device.” A reassuring green tick shows up once done to indicate the default device. Navigate to the speaker/volume icon in the taskbar and right-click on it. Then choose either “Open Sound Settings” or “Playback Devices”, depending on the version of...

Some of these viruses can even use your webcam without turning on the webcam light. Expand the menu under Camera and select Don’t allow sites to use your camera. You may also use these apps to make video calls, so simply closing the browser tab can help you solve the issue. After downloading the program,...

ABOUT Curacao Baseball Week

The Curaçao Baseball Week is organized with one main reason: to bring kids in Curaçao closer to their baseball legends. During this awesome week they will get a chance to meet & greet, get signatures, catch a softball tournament, experience a homerun derby show, take part in clinics, and take pictures with their baseball heroes. In addition, there will be dedicated coach seminars especially for our local baseball coaches.


@BaseballWeek - 8 months

Curacao Baseball Week 2022 from January 3rd-8th. It's in our DNA !

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We're pretty sure & had a great time during @BaseballWeek!!

@BaseballWeek - 4 years

A gift to from Storyline Productions!

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